How is DORBLU eaten in different countries?

DORBLU is typically served with vegetables, fruit, crackers and crispbread. However, each country enjoys this piquant cheese in its own way. The English eat the cheese with herbs and add it to soup; the Italians add it to pizzas and sauces; while the Danes simply eat it with bread. The Greeks add DORBLU cheese to salads, and the French prefer it as a dessert, together with honey and pears.
But no matter how DORBLU is eaten in different countries, its unforgettable soft piquant flavour and sauvory aroma are enjoyed the same everywhere.

How should DORBLU be served?

The exquisite DORBLU cheese has an exceptional taste. But to experience its full splendour, the cheese needs to be served properly. DORBLU should not be served straight from the fridge.
Slice the cheese and place it on a plate around an hour before serving. It should be dished up at room temperature to ensure the emergence of its full flavour and aromatic qualities. Discover the unique taste of the exquisite DORBLU cheese!

How to choose the right perfume?

Those people who love to indulge themselves with the exquisite DORBLU cheese are sure to know a lot about perfume.
Despite the fact that nowadays more than 6,000 different ingredients are used in the perfume industry, it is very easy to choose the right perfume. The aroma should produce only positive emotions, enhance your mood and bring joy from the first top notes to the moment when the rich and deep base notes emerge a few hours after application of the perfume.
These same positive emotions can be obtained by enjoying the rich flavour and savoury aroma of DORBLU cheese.

Wine and cheese - the perfect combination!

One of the most beloved gastronomic combinations is cheese and wine. They complement each other and bring out their full flavours.
DORBLU cheese with its fine blue veins goes best of all with dessert or fortified red wine, or with aged white wine. As it is not easy to select the right wine, connoisseurs recommend that you choose a wine for a particular cheese on the basis of geographical origin. It is believed that cheese goes best with wine produced in the same region.
Enjoy the perfect combination of DORBLU cheese and wine!

The perfect way to relax

Moments of pleasure relax not only the mind but also the body. Having treated yourself to a wonderful massage, you will experience complete wellbeing.
Modern classic massages speed up the metabolism and remove harmful toxins from the body. This is a powerful generator of the microorganisms that are responsible for immunity.
With its unique taste and rich aroma, a slice of fine DORBLU cheese will help you to extend the feeling of wellbeing and pleasure after a massage.